California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

The California College Promise Grant (Formerly known as a BOG Fee Waiver) is issued by the state of California and waives the enrollment fees of qualifying California community college students. Students must also be California residents or AB540. The award is not a monetary disbursement to the student, and simply waives the student's enrollment fees based on specific qualifications. Each type of CCPG (outlined below) has their own requirements and conditions.

  • CCPG Method A - Intended for students who receive some form of public assistance. Students must provide proof of benefits within the last 60 days to be considered.
  • CCPG Method B - Based upon an Income Standards Matrix; please refer to the chart below. Proof of total income may be required. In most cases, the CCPG B is based upon the income and household size information provided on the student's FAFSA or California Dream Application.
  • CCPG Method C - To qualify, students must demonstrate at least $1,104.00 worth of financial need.
California College Promise Grant Income Matrix
Household Size 2022-2023 Income Limit 2023-2024 Income Limit
1 $19,320 $20,385
2 $26,130 $27,465
3 $32,940 $34,545
4 $39,750 $41,625
5 $46,560 $48,705
6 $53,370 $55,785
7 $60,180 $62,865
8 $66,990 $69,945
Each Add'l Add $6,810 Add $7,080


How to Apply for the California College Promise Grant
Option 1: Submit Your FAFSA or Dream Act Application

If a FAFSA or a Dream Act application has already been submitted, there's no need to re-apply to receive the California College Promise Grant. Instead, check your MyDelta Student Portal and make sure all documents have been submitted under the Documents and Messages page. You may even check your Awards by Semester page to see if you were awarded a California College Promise Grant.

Option 2: Apply for the California College Promise Grant

Apply for the California College Promise Grant

If a FAFSA or a California Dream Act application has not been submitted, you may apply for a California College Promise Grant by itself. However, you are highly encouraged to complete a FAFSA or Dream Act application instead in order to find the most financial aid possible. Think of the FAFSA or Dream Act applications as an all-in-one stroke of applying for financial assistance.

Depending on the time of year, California College Promise Grant submissions may take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days for processing. Please plan accordingly.

Apply now at Online California College Promise Grant

California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

*Be sure to Include Your Name and Delta ID on all documents that you submit.

Maintaining Eligibility for your California College Promise Grant
Eligibility Requirements and Tips

If you do not meet academic and/or progress standards (as defined below) for two consecutive semesters, you will lose your BOG Fee Waiver.

  • You achieve less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • You complete less than 51% of their coursework

Tips for Maintaining Eligibility

  • Successfully complete and pass all courses enrolled in
  • Update your educational plan
  • Take advantage of all student and academic support services available
  • Become familiar with Delta's Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy
  • Attend Academic and/or Progress Probation Workshops when available
  • Enroll in course loads which will help you succeed
Loss of CCPG Appeal

If you lose eligibility to the California College Promise Grant (CCPG), you may submit a Loss of CCPG Appeal to the Admissions and Records department.

Note that a submission of the Loss of CCPG Appeal does not guarantee a reinstatement of your eligibility for a CCPG.