San Joaquin Delta Community College District is committed to student and community success.

We serve the needs of our diverse students and community through our excellent post-secondary degree, certificate, career and technical, and transfer programs, and our outstanding support services. We enhance the quality of our programs and services through our dedication to a continuous improvement process, a guided pathways framework, and a commitment to equity for all. We ensure that all of our programs and services promote intellectual autonomy and critical thinking in safe, inclusive, supportive, and affirming learning environments.

We strengthen the economic development of our community by collaborating with educational institutions, business and industry, government, and economic development agencies to provide a skilled, effective, and diverse workforce for our community.


Student Achievement

Guided by a commitment to achieving equitable outcomes, San Joaquin Delta Community College District develops and maintains an institutional structure that supports the timely completion of students’ academic and professional goals leading to attainment of certificates, degrees, employment, or transfer to four-year institutions.

Equity & Diversity

San Joaquin Delta Community College District promotes a climate of respect and authentic engagement. We are culturally responsive to the needs of our diverse student body. We strive to increase and sustain equitable outcomes for all students. We recruit and retain quality employees who are reflective of our students and the community we serve, in addition to providing all personnel with equity and diversity training.

Community Engagement

San Joaquin Delta Community College District fosters a high level of community engagement by implementing comprehensive outreach efforts, cultivating existing relationships, and developing new partnerships with local and regional residents, industry, government, education, and nonprofit organizations.

Fiscal Responsibility

San Joaquin Delta Community College District maintains a transparent and sustainable budget process that prioritizes ensuring equitable opportunities and outcomes as well as while being responsive to the evolving needs of all our students. We maintain strong budget reserves to ensure that District goals are achieved through flexibility and accountability.


San Joaquin Delta Community College District engages in a strategic planning process that considers local and regional collaboration, and distance education. We revisit our planning process at regular intervals. Our objectives are measurable, aim to increase student enrollment, improve retention, completion, and transfer. Our planning efforts are inclusive of all employees, regardless of role.