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Mental Health Referral (Behavioral Intervention) Form

Whether you are a new student or returning student, we welcome you to Delta College! Student Services at Delta College strives to provide co-curricular programs and services that recognize and respect diversity, facilitate access and equity as well as foster the personal and professional success for all students. Our dedicated Student Services Professionals including our Counseling Faculty and Police Department Personnel are committed to your success in the high-quality academic and career education programs that Delta offers. Additionally, our Student Handbook will provide you with valuable information about Delta College.

To complement your studies, we have many ways you can continue learning by getting involved in campus life outside of the classroom. We encourage you to reach out to us for assistance and hope that you will not only use all the programs and services for which you may be eligible but also that you will join a club, try out for a sports team or attend a theater production or musical performance. There are many pathways to success and Student Services is here to support you reaching your goal by getting you on the path that is best suited for you. Students and their success are our number one priority.