Tuition & Fees

Fee Name Description Amount
Enrollment Fees for California Residents  An enrollment fee is charged for all credit courses. This enrollment fee is not established by Delta College. This fee is approved by the California State Legislature. All fees are subject to change without notice. $46/unit
Non-resident Students Tuition Non-resident students, those from other states or foreign countries, will be charged $381 per unit for tuition, plus $46 per unit enrollment fee. (e.g.. 3 units = $1281.00). NR/Enrollment fees charged for courses with a fractional unit value shall be rounded to the nearest dollar. Learn About Residency Requirements $381/unit + $46/unit enrollment fee
Student Representation Fee Provides support for students or representatives who state positions and viewpoints before the city, county, and district governments, and before offices and agencies of the state and the federal government. A student may, for religious, political, financial, or moral reasons, decline to pay the $2.00 fee. $2/semster
Mustang Pass The Mustang Pass is your official campus ID card. By paying the $10.00 Student Activity each fall and spring semester you are eligible to receive a Mustang Pass or new validation sticker. With your Mustang Pass, you get instant access to free campus events, promotional giveaways, services and discounts at the bookstore and cafeteria. Learn More $10/semester
Credit By Examination Fee Credit by Examination (CBE) is to recognize a student's experience(s) and knowledge base for which credit or advanced standing has not been previously granted. The Credit by Exam (CBE) cost is current tuition rates per unit for in-state, out-of-state, or international students depending on your student status.  

$46/unit for California Resident

$381/unit + $46/unit enrollment fee for Non-resident

Course Audit Fee Course audit is defined as the enrollment of a student in a course without award or notation on the student's transcript of credit, units attempted grade, or grade points. Learn more (under Petition Instructions & Forms) $15/unit 
Parking Permit  Parking permits are required for on-campus parking except in marked 30-minute visitor spaces. Parking Permit Information

$30 per Automobile  or truck

$24 per two-Wheeled Motor Vehicle

$2 - Daily Permit

Bicycle Locker Rental Bicycle lockers require a $5 lock deposit $10/semester