Career Exploration & Planning

What will you be? What are your strengths and what careers best match them? Whether you are undecided, have a set career goal or are somewhere in between, our Career planning and exploration resources and services are here to help. Our on-campus centers provide information, resources, and opportunities to help you get on the path to a career that fits you. 

Career Transfer Center


The Career Transfer Center provides one-on-one support in job-seeking and post-college career planning.  Our services include career assessment, employment services, and transfer guidance. We aim to help enhance your self-knowledge and refine your skills in seeking and processing information, analyzing career concerns, formulating creative solutions, choosing the most favorable career opportunities and implementing plans to accomplish goals that integrate their personal, academic and career ambitions

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Workforce Development Center


Our Career Technical Education (CTE) Workforce Development Center was created to connect Delta students with jobs, internships, and learning opportunities to kickstart their careers. We provide one-on-one assistance with resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, networking, job searches, applications, and much more. We also work with employers to recruit, train and connect Delta students with job opportunities in their chosen field.

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