Whether you want to transfer to a university someday, or land an exciting career that will increase your income, Delta College is the place to start your journey. The majority of our students receive free tuition, which is great news in an era of extreme college debt. But they benefit from the same high-quality instruction and excellent support services that they would find at a more expensive university. Keep scrolling to learn more about how Delta can change your life.

Delta College student Jacksery Apolonio-Lopez

Seeing my parents work the fields from a very young age opened my eyes and motivated me to eventually get a college degree. There have been times I thought about giving up, but they remind me every day that they are very proud of me. My goal of becoming a mechanical engineer is going to help me help my parents. This way, I can support them later on in their lives.

Jacksery Apolonio-Lopez, first-generation Delta College student

Accessible, Affordable and Exceptional.

We believe an excellent education should be accessible to students of all backgrounds —  without the heavy burden of debt for years to come. Our courses are affordable and our aid programs are here to help you pay for college. We're proud of our excellent and engaging faculty, who are widely known for their strong teaching skills, approachability and personal interest in students and student success. Our student support services are here so everyone can succeed.

We know what Delta can do for you. We can't wait to see what you will do, what you will become.

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