Occupational Work Experience (OWE) Program

Earn Units for completed on-the-job-hours!  The Occupational Work Experience (OWE) Program is designed for college students who are enrolled in a course(s) at San Joaquin Delta College, while working as paid or non-paid/volunteer employees. As a participant of the program, you may earn from 1- 4 units of general college credit per participating semester. You may earn a maximum of 16 units from this program. The goal of this program is to help you develop marketable skills, abilities, attitudes and work habits appropriate to successful employment in a career field!

OWE Program FAQs

How to Qualify for OWE

In order to qualify for the OWE program, you must:

  • BE EMPLOYED in a job. OWE does not provide or find employment for students. For information regarding employment opportunities, go to the Workforce Development Center.

  • BE ENROLLED in a course DIRECTLY RELATED TO YOUR JOB, which may be taken concurrently or taken in the semester immediately prior.

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