OWE Program FAQs

Will OWE assist me in obtaining a job?

No, OWE does not assist students with finding jobs. You must already be employed, either paid or unpaid, in order to apply for OWE. However, you may want to check out Delta College’s Workforce Development Center for help in job postings, resume writing, and interview tutoring.

How do I determine that my job qualifies for OWE?

Most jobs qualify for OWE whether paid or unpaid/volunteer and you must be enrolled in a course related to your employment. This class can be taken concurrently or have been taken in the previous semester. Please refer to the OWE Program Areas to make sure we offer OWE in your field of employment.

Does unpaid/volunteer work qualify for OWE?

Yes. Unpaid/volunteer work qualifies for OWE as long as you can substantiate the required work hours for the units you request.

Can I qualify for OWE if I am self-employed?

No. You must have a work supervisor to participate in this program.

Will I have instructor oversight for my OWE course?

Yes. Once your application has been accepted, a Delta College instructor will be assigned to oversee your progress during the program. The instructor will contact you early in the program to review your Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and assist you in modifying them as needed. Your OWE instructor will also contact your employer during the semester to check on your learning objectives progress.

What is required of my work supervisor?

Your work supervisor is required to do the following:

  • Review, approve, and sign all of your OWE reports prior to submission.
  • Meet (via phone or Zoom) with your OWE instructor to review your SLO progress.
Will I have OWE reports to submit during the course of the semester?

Yes. You are required to submit five reports during the course of the semester as follows:

  • Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
  • SLO Report #1
  • SLO Report #2
  • SLO Report #3
  • Employer Evaluation

These reports are usually due one month apart by a specific date and time. In order to receive a PASS for this course, you must submit all reports on time, which also need to be signed by your work supervisor.

What benefit does the OWE program provide?

OWE can benefit students who want to enhance their job skills by setting goals (learning objectives) and reporting on those goals with measurable results. Developing job skills can lead to such things as promotion, salary increase, job satisfaction, and personal satisfaction just to name a few.

Will OWE units assist me with meeting full-time academic status for other benefits such as Financial Aid?

Yes. OWE units count toward full-time academic status.

How many OWE units I can apply for during a semester?

You are allowed to apply for 1 to 4 OWE units per semester, with a maximum of 16 units for the program.

How many semesters can I take OWE?

The OWE program is not limited by semester but by the number of units taken in a semester or by total number of units for the program. 

Am I required to take the related course at the same time I’m enrolled in the OWE program?

No. Your related class can be taken concurrently or have been taken in the previous semester.

What is the cost of OWE units?

OWE units cost the same as all other Delta College units. Please refer to “Admissions,  Tuition & Fees” for current unit cost.

Do OWE units affect my GPA?

No. Grading of OWE courses is generally Pass/No Pass. Since there are no points associated with the grading, it does not affect your GPA.

Do OWE units apply to graduation requirements?

ONLY if Work Experience is a required course on the Degree or Certificate.

Are OWE units transferrable to other colleges?

Units covered under internships related to certain OWE Program Areas are transferrable to the CSU system. Otherwise, you need to contact your school of interest to see if they accept Delta’s OWE units.

Can I still receive a lesser number of units if I am not able to complete the number of hours for units originally requested?

No. You may not reduce/increase the number of units originally requested since the OWE course code you are assigned is specifically linked to the number of units you request on your application.

What happens if I am not able to complete the required number of hours?

You will receive a No Pass grade if your hours are not completed by the end of the semester. Please check with your employer before applying for this program to confirm that you will be able to work the hours required for the units you request.

What happens if I lose my job during the course of the semester and cannot complete my hours?

You must notify the ASBT Division office immediately. 

Can I still apply for OWE if I have unpaid fees or registration issues?

No. If there is a hold in your MyDelta due to unpaid fees or registration issues, you must first clear these issues before you can apply for OWE.