Shared Governance at Delta College

Committees represent an important feature of the regular internal governance system of the San Joaquin Delta Community College District providing a forum for diverse ideas to be heard, and an opportunity for staff members to come together to study common problems in a more in-depth manner than they could do individually. Many committees provide an opportunity for individuals from outside the San Joaquin Delta Community College community to advise college officials on how our programs can best serve the larger community. The Shared Governance Committees are governed by Administrative Procedure (AP) 2430, Governance Committees Operational (doc.).

The Shared Governance Committees are advisory committees. While all committees are ultimately advisory to the Superintendent/President (and through the Superintendent/President to the Board of Trustees), some committees will be directly advisory to the Superintendent/President while other committees will be advisory to other designated administrators who will, in turn, advise the Superintendent/President. Some committees are advisory to other committees.

The governance committee structure of San Joaquin Delta College is established through standing committees, associated sub-committees (or functional work groups of standing committees as described in AP 2430, Governance Committee Structure, Section A.3), respective senates or councils of various constituent groups, and the coordinating governing committee known as the President's Council.

  1. Standing Committees & Associated Sub-Committees/Functional Work Groups
  2. Ad Hoc/Advisory Committees
  3. Councils and Senates