Transfer Credit

If you transferred to Delta College from another college or university:

We are making a change that will make it easier for you to track the units you previously earned before you came to Delta.

During Spring Semester 2024, Delta will begin using new software that will allow you to log in to MyDelta and see credits earned at other colleges if you have sent an official transcript from those colleges to Delta and submitted an Evaluation Request Form. In the past, students had to track these credits separately, which caused confusion and extra work. Once this change takes effect, it will be easier for you to track progress meeting your overall academic goals.

Please note: It’s important to remember that certain forms of financial aid are available to you only if you are making what’s known as “Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).” This means that when you combine the units you took before Delta with the units you’ve taken at Delta, if you have taken significantly more units than required by your degree/certificate (multiply the credits needed to complete by 1.5), you may no longer be eligible for some state and federal financial aid.


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for more specifics, or contact the Financial Aid Office at or (209) 954-5115, or through chat on the Financial Aid Webpage


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why is this happening now?

It’s important that you, as a student, are able to easily track units you have earned from previous colleges and universities. It’s also important that Delta is able to track this information. With the new system in place, if you transfer from Delta to another institution, have your official transcript sent from that college to Delta, and submit an Evaluation Request Form, your past coursework will be accurately reflected on your Delta transcript.

When will this happen?

This change is starting in early 2024 and will happen gradually over the next six months.

Will I be disqualified for financial aid under the Satisfactory Academic Progress rule? 

That depends on how many units are required to earn your degree or certificate. Once you have taken 150 percent of the units required, then you may be disqualified from some forms of financial aid. For example, if your degree requires 60 units and you have taken 90 units, then you have reached the 150 percent limit and you are no longer considered to be making Satisfactory Academic Progress.

What forms of financial aid are affected? 

Students may be disqualified from both state and federal financial aid if they are no longer making Satisfactory Academic Progress. However, students can still receive the California College Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver) which provides free tuition for students of certain income levels. Students may also still be eligible for some scholarships. Please note that Delta College is required by federal law to enforce Satisfactory Academic Progress. You may appeal the decision by logging into Student Forms and submitting an SAP appeal.