Verification of Enrollment

 A Verification of Enrollment is a certificate showing your enrollment status for the current semester. Enrollment status is defined as full-time, three-quarter time, half-time, or less than half time. Verification of Enrollment is commonly requested by insurance or childcare providers, employers, etc.

To request a Verification of Enrollment through the National Student Clearinghouse, please visit

Order Your Verification of Enrollment

Things to keep in mind before ordering your Verification of Enrollment:

  • The Admissions & Records Office does not accept phone or fax requests.
  • Grade-point-averages, previous terms, degrees, certificates, and graduation information are not included on a Verification of Enrollment. For this information, an official transcript must be requested. Please see Official Transcripts.
  • During campus closures, orders that are received during the closure period will be processed in the order received when campus reopens.

After carefully reviewing this information, if you still have questions regarding how to order your verification of enrollment you may send an email  to:

Request Enrollment Verification