Student Complaints & Grievances

Student Complaints and Grievances Policy and Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a prompt and equitable means for resolving student grievances. Per BP 5530, Students shall be entitled to seek redress over improper District decisions and actions that are contrary to District policies, procedures or laws, and that adversely affect a student's status, rights or privileges.

A student who believes that he/she has been adversely affected by the act of a professor/faculty, administrator or other staff of the District, must make a reasonable, good faith attempt to resolve the matter within ten (10) days of the alleged act. The student shall complete a Grievance Mediation Form (FORM 5535) and attempt to discuss the matter with the person involved, or with the person's immediate supervisor, usually a Division Dean or Director, prior to requesting a hearing on the matter. 

This policy does not entitle students to seek redress over student disciplinary actions, which are covered under separate Board Policies and Administrative Procedures. (See Standards of Student Conduct.)

  • Board Policy 5530 Student Rights and Grievances
  • Administrative Procedure 5530 Student Rights and Grievances

To request additional information on Student Grievances (AP 5530), contact:
(209) 954-5151, x. 6279