Standards of Student Conduct

The District is committed to ensuring the safety of faculty, classified staff and students. Standards of Student Conduct and Discipline Procedures have been established in accordance with Education Code 66300, 66301, 66017, and 76030. Safety on the District's campuses and other properties is of utmost importance. If there is a serious threat of violence or behavior which causes a faculty member, classified staff, or student to fear for their safety, call District Police at 954-5000 (ext. 5000). PLEASE NOTE: Calls placed to 911 will direct your call to an off-campus law enforcement agency.

For more information about the Student Conduct reporting process, please visit the Student Conduct Homepage.

Student Conduct Referral Process


Report Student Misconduct

To report violations of the Standards of Student Conduct, fill out the Student Conduct Incident Reporting Form. For questions regarding Student Conduct, please call (209) 954-5151, ext. 6182.


Student Conduct Incident Reporting Form

Student Discipline Procedures & Appeal Procedures

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a prompt, fair and equitable process to address Student Conduct issues, while providing students with all due process rights to which they are entitled under state and federal law, including the right to appeal a misconduct suspension or expulsion.


Who to Contact

For Student Conduct (AP 5500), Disciplinary Procedures (AP 5520) and Disciplinary Holds on Student Records, contact:

Edward Aguilar
Dean of Student Services

To Request a Misconduct Appeal Hearing for Disciplinary Decision (AP 5520) or Information on Student Complaints & Grievances (AP 5530), contact:

Dr. Lonita Cordova
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services
(209) 954-5632