Financial Aid Informational Videos

We offer access to a large library of videos to assist students in understanding the financial aid process. 


Step 1 Upload your Verification Video

How to Identify what you need to submit - When students apply for financial aid they typically need to submit document(s) to complete their financial aid file before our office can move forward with processing their financial aid application.  The following video shows how to access your “Task” tile and Financial Aid portal to see what you need to submit to complete your financial aid file.

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FIn Aid Upload Video

Upload Documents – Once you are able to login to the financial aid portal, you may need to upload documents to complete your file.  The following video shows how to upload documents including the upload of your valid photo ID for Step 1 of the ID Verification process: 

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FIn Aid Verification Video

ID Verification – Step 2 – All Financial Aid students are required to complete the 2-step ID process in order to receive financial aid.  The "Upload Documents" videos reviewed how to get through Step 1.  The following video walks you through the process of Step 2 of the ID Verification process: 

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Fin Aid TV Videos

Library of Financial Aid Videos - The following link will take you to a library of videos (available in English and Spanish) that help explain the different financial aid programs, eligibility requirements and also includes videos/tips on how to complete the financial aid application.

FIn Aid Workshop Video

Financial Aid Workshops – Our department offers a wide variety of financial aid workshops and have pre-recorded workshops available through “you tube.”  Below you will see our current calendar for in-person or zoom workshops we offer live.  Additionally, the following link will take you to the various pre-recorded financial aid workshops: 

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