Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy provides you with money management skills that you can use while in school, and long after you graduate. If you want to learn these skills in person, online, or at special events, we have you covered! Our program can help increase your money management knowledge including budgeting, credit card management, student loans management, identity theft, and overall financial planning.

Learn to Manage Your Money Wisely
Cashcourse is a real life money guide
CashCourse is a free, non-commercial website designed to help college students gain money knowledge.
Watch videos to learn about money basics, saving & borrowing and more!
Student Aid eligibility
Try FAFSA4caster for an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid
Links to Additional Helpful Resources

Financial Literacy

Financial Aid

  • IonTuition- FREE Student Loan Counseling Services & dashboard to Delta College students for help with questions related to repayment and postponement options.
  • FinAid-A comprehensive guide to financial aid on the web
  • Offers a wealth of information from applying to colleges to learning the many plans a borrower can utilize to best repay their loans. In addition, directions, tips, and definitions are provided for filling out the FAFSA, assessing loan eligibility, and deciding how financial aid can make college a reality.
  • -Student Connections, a Loan Science company, is an organization focused on enhancing student success in college and career.
  • Log into your Student Aid Account to access information on your student loans.

Career Resources

  • NACE Salary Calculator-Get a good understanding as to how much money you can expect to make after you graduate based on your location, experience, and education. Just remember that you should be looking at the starting salary, and not the median or the top

To learm more about the financial literacy, please register for an upcoming Financial Literacy workshop by visiting our events calendar!

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