Dependency Status

Are you a student under the age of 24 with an unusual living situation that make it impossible for you to have contact with your parents? Examples of unusual living situations are:

  • A parent is in jail/prison or in a mental health facility
  • You moved out of your parent’s home due to abusive home conditions when you were below 18 years of age
  • For the majority of your childhood, you were raised by people other than your parents
  • Your parent has passed away and the other parent’s whereabouts are unknown

If your living situation is similar to those mentioned above, please contact our office to meet with a Financial Aid Specialist to discuss your options. Our specialist will let you know if an override of your dependency status can be performed. Dependency overrides allow otherwise dependent students to apply for financial aid as an independent student without parental information. All requests are reviewed by the Financial Aid Office on a case-by-case basis. No guarantee of approval.