Special Circumstances

If there has been a significant change in you or your parent(s) income since the income year you reported on your financial aid application, you may request to have your financial aid eligibility re-evaluated.  If the Financial Aid Office approves your request, corrections will be made that may increase your financial aid awards. 

  • Change in employment status, income, or assets
  • Change in housing status (e.g., homelessness, death in the family: spouse or parent)
  • Loss of benefits such as unemployment, state disability, social security.
  • Severe disability of the student or other member of the student’s household
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Medical, dental, or nursing home expenses not covered by insurance
  • Child or dependent care expenses
  • Retirement

If you are experiencing, or have experienced, documentable special circumstances like those described above, schedule a time to meet with a financial aid specialist to discuss your options or make a request  below using the form link. You will be asked to submit documentation to support any changes