1997 Delta Winds

A Magazine of Student Essays

A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College 1997

Delta Winds cover 1997

Table of Contents

  • The Great Skater
    Oksana Louie tells how Mabel Fairbanks dealt with racism in the sport of ice skating.
  • Once More
    L'Oreal Battestelli weaves childhood reminiscences and E.B. White into a recent visit to the outdoors.
  • Million Man March
    Otha Farley discusses the goals determined by the Million Man March.
  • Next Year
    Nancee Williams suggests acceptance into kindergarten should not be determined solely by age.
  • A Mother's Agony
    Otha Farley challenges the fairness of the legal system.
  • Freedom at Last
    Lin Yit's account of childhood memories under the Khmer Rouge.
  • Racism and Sexism in Advertising
    Shafeeq Sadiq analyzes the messages found in advertisements.
  • Lost and Found
    Karen Kulkowski details how she overcame a drug addiction.
  • My Talking Baseball Mitt
    John Poynter's narrative of a series of Little League experiences.
  • The Great Hispanic Way
    Alaska Rivera reveals parental and cultural differences in raising sons and daughters.
  • Me and My Shadow
    Cathy Murtha recalls meeting her guide dog for the first time.
  • Sexism in the Military
    Marie Gatz questions the use of separate institutions in the military.
  • The Silent Heart
    Sara Angel meditates on the importance of communication in a relationship.
  • A Lesson About Life
    Jennifer McCasland's story of the lingering effects of witnessing the breakup of her parents.
  • Identity Crisis
    Patrick Sánchez Powell explores how individuals of Mexican heritage view themselves.
  • Raindrops to Rainbows
    Cathy Murtha shares how to appreciate tender moments on a rainy day.
  • Books Aren't Only for Worms
    Saundra Wilson encourages reading for people and worms alike.