2004 Delta Winds

A Magazine of Student Essays

A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College 2004

Delta Winds cover 2004

Table of Contents

  • Letter from the Editors
  • Forgotten Children
    Cassandra J. Eastham discusses the need for child support services and explains the procedures involved in collecting support.
  • A Hard Act to Follow
    Karrie L. Bennett narrates the short but accomplished life of her father, a nuclear physicist at Lawrence Livermore Lab.
  • Growing Up With Lies
    Katie Williams shares episodes of a child raised by an unreliable parental figure.
  • The Burden of Being Black
    George Austin explores language and the underlying connections involved with word connotations, race, perception, power, and prejudice.
  • My Technologically Challenged Life
    Monica Wunderlich describes a life lacking the influence of the latest technology.
  • "No."
    L. Hoag questions why so many people in his life pressure him to get a haircut.
  • Parental Advisory
    Lorrie Condon heeds a mother's warning not a moment too soon.
  • Prescription Drug Ads: Too Much Information?
    Bryan Tortolani criticizes pharmaceutical companies for pushing drugs through television advertisements.
  • The Day I Died
    Daniel Maychen returns to his childhood memory of the tragic loss of a family member.
  • The All-American Prospect
    Samuel S. Barbano compares the views held by Henry Thoreau and Benjamin Franklin on extravagance and industry.
  • The Best Thing
    Angela Quinones relates the events in her life that led her away from and back to her chosen path and place.
  • The Death Penalty: Society's Injustice System
    Alisha Ott argues against capital punishment on moral, practical, and economic grounds.
  • King of the Road
    L. Hoag relishes his independence on an open, isolated road as he watches the invading construction crews.
  • What Did You Say?
    Lorrie Condon expresses the frustrations of learning the complexities of American slang.