2008 Delta Winds

A Magazine of Student Essays

A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College 2008

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Table of Contents

  • Letter from the Editors
  • Devotion
    To make something precious to you, to favor it with all your energy, to sacrifice your own comfort or preferences to satisfy someone else's needs-that is true devotion.
  • My Life in the Footsteps of Technology
    My mom always made us kids keep a quarter in our pockets just in case we had to call her in an emergency. I think I had carried mine for two years.
  • School Bully
    I noticed that after the fight some kids had a new respect for me. It was not because they liked me. It was because they were scared of me.
  • The Fine Art of Procrastination
    I pulled out my X Box, plugged in my controller, loaded my Halo 2 disc, and started killing a bunch of aliens.
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
    Oh, the gut-wrenching pain and heartache of having been deceived by someone so close . . . a gigantic multi-billion dollar conglomerate over a thousand miles away that had worked so hard to earn my trust in several strategically positioned, thirty-second television commercial spots!
  • Taboo
    It is also a mystery why some people happen to come to resemble a mummified corpse found buried under the vast sand dunes of Egypt.
  • The Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs
    It has gotten to the point where athletes from other countries are coming to the United States to buy performance-enhancing drugs that are illegal in their home countries.
  • Women Like Me
    As an only child of a single mother, I have done what is expected of me, but in the privacy of my heart and mind I write to reveal to myself what exactly is true to me.
  • Is Wal-Mart Good for Small Town America?
    Probably the most controversial issue and the one most likely to raise a debate, is the attempt to build a super Wal-Mart in Lodi.
  • America the Promised Land
    In the sizzling cauldron of America, all that beautiful sacredness of our former traditions dies to give way to celebrations that merely emphasize material aspects.
  • What I Believe Was Our Last Commute
    They gave my dad a ride into town to get food and a new part for our van-the one that was most likely to run.
  • Wreck the Hall with Antique Vases
    Before I knew it, Auntie Ashie was ushering me into the family room. Her nostrils flared as fear wrapped itself around me.
  • Beauty is the Beast
    If I, as a woman, received every procedure to correct what society deems as unattractive, I would look atrocious.