2002 Delta Winds

A Magazine of Student Essays

A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College 2002

Delta Winds cover 2002

Table of Contents

  • Memories
    Honorato Menezes rekindles memories of his grandmother and life on the Azores.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh and My Tummy Too
    Sarah Pope questions self-help ads and articles before finding her own solution from an unlikely source.
  • The Story of Juan Sánchez
    Branimir Ciric critiques a short story by Richard Dokey, a Delta College philosophy instructor.
  • AIDS in Africa
    Raulyne Kenfack chronicles how she found a way to educate an unwilling village in the prevention of AIDS.
  • Workplace Policies: Dictator or Protector
    Steven Price clarifies how and why policies and procedures affect employees.
  • Four Walls
    Jennifer Hallum contemplates on the value and solace found in a comforting environment.
  • Lies and Fuzzy Legs
    Sarah Pope gives a humorous look into the deception caused by infomercials.
  • Days Gone By
    Linda Mangrum compares small-town life in Sonora then and now.
  • In Defense of the Real American Family
    Kenneth D. Valdez sheds light on research comparing the non-traditional family to the two-parent family.
  • Our Differences
    A Delta Winds writer struggles to understand what causes unprovoked violence.
  • Happiness
    Tiiu Newlin distinguishes between pleasure and happiness, between objects and a way of life.
  • Hooked on "Caramel-Colored Gold"
    Melody Nelson argues against junk food vending machines on the schoolgrounds.
  • Editors' Choice Introduction
    The Editors' Choice essays are works published in previous volumes of Delta Winds. As a way of commemorating the fifteenth volume of Delta Winds, the editors have selected these essays for special recognition.
  • Editors' Choice: Homemade Dresses
    Michelle Cox notes a moment of silence from her childhood.
    (Originally published in 1992 in Delta Winds Volume 3)
  • Editors' Choice: Racism and Sexism in Advertising
    Shafeeq Sadiq analyzes the subtle messages found in advertising.
    (Originally published in 1997 in Delta Winds Volume 10)
  • Editors' Choice: Me and My Shadow
    Cathy Anne Murtha recalls meeting her guide dog for the first time.
    (Originally published in 1997 in Delta Winds Volume 10)