2002 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • Memories
    "Living on the island, we could always see the towering volcanic peak which stood 7,000 feet, the highest point of Portugal.."
  • Winnie-the-Pooh and My Tummy Too
    "Throw away your self-help magazine, ladies; burn up all those advertisements on how to look perfect for the low price of $200 a month and your first-born child."
  • The Story of Juan Sánchez
    "At this point of the story, Dokey describes one of the most frequent instinctual ways people attempt to deal with their existential problems -- they try to run away from them."
  • AIDS in Africa
    "In some African societies . . . if a woman suggests a condom, or avoids high-risk sexual behavior, she is immediately accused of adultery and promiscuity and suspected of having been infected . . . ."
  • Workplace Policies: Dictator or Protector
    "[I]f an employee acts outside the established policies of the employer and is injured or killed, then it is the employee's responsibility to show that the policy was faulty or created an unsafe condition."
  • Four Walls
    "There is nothing more soothing than the feel of warm dirt between my fingers as I work the earth."
  • Lies and Fuzzy Legs
    "Good job, Sue. Great way to get customers ­- exploit your own children."
  • Days Gone By
    "The teacher was related to approximately ninety percent of the students; in fact, she was my grandmother."
  • In Defense of the Real American Family
    "Another large multiethnic study conducted at Cornell University has found that children from homes with a single mother as the head of the household had no significant disadvantage in school performance solely because of their family structure."
  • Our Differences
    "It was not until much later as I lay in my bed at the fire station that night, remembering the events of that particular call, did I let my defenses down and weep for a man that was a victim of his own circumstances."
  • Happiness
    "Although people believe that you can purchase happiness, it is really pleasure that they buy."
  • Hooked on "Caramel-Colored Gold"
    "Despite the increased awareness of the benefits of good nutrition, we are a nation hooked on junk food, and many school administrators are taking advantage of the situation."
  • Editors' Choice: Homemade Dresses
    "In that glance, her eyes were pleading with me, pleading with me to defend her."
  • Editors' Choice: Racism and Sexism in Advertising
    "These advertisements present women as a goal, a trophy if you will . . . . Unfortunately, the exploitation does not stop with women."
  • Editors' Choice: Me and My Shadow
    "When the chest strap was buckled into place, Shadow was transformed. She was a working Guide Dog and knew it!"