2004 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • Forgotten Children
    It is easy to want to blame laws, society, bureaucracy or the fathers themselves for the lack of support, but trying to force people to accept the virtue of responsibility would take far more than laws and consequences.
  • A Hard Act to Follow
    Many people will never have the chance to meet someone of true genius, but I had the distinct honor of being related to such a person: my father, Walter P. Bennett.
  • Growing Up With Lies
    That was when I knew my mom was a liar.
  • The Burden of Being Black
    What if black were no longer the color of death, but white was? How would a simple change like that affect how we see the world?
  • My Technologically Challenged Life
    However, nothing is permanent and walls do come down, and so be it -- the Wunderlichs buy their first computer!
  • "No."
    As she opened the door, a blood-curdling screech, similar to that of a severely wounded animal, nearly knocked her over.
  • Parental Advisory
    "When I was a girl, blah, blah, blah, just your age blah, blah, blah" or something like that; I had heard it all before.
  • Prescription Drug Ads: Too Much Information?
    "Go-ahead. Ask your doctor about Altace" and "Ask your doctor if Zocor could work for you" are examples of the pressure pharmaceutical companies are placing on the general public to request medication from their doctors.
  • The Day I Died
    But in the middle of May, reality revealed what was once concealed from my heart.
  • The All-American Prospect
    Our other author, Henry David Thoreau, became the original proponent of passive, nonviolent resistance 157 years ago when he refused to pay his poll tax, which supported the Mexican War.
  • The Best Thing
    I started at a new school, Spring-Ford Area High School, and took my straight A's and turned them into almost all F's.
  • The Death Penalty: Society's Injustice System
    When the government or individuals make the decision to take another human life and act upon it, they commit murder.
  • King of the Road
    My egotistical mania exploded and rage overcame rational thought as I began to swear random obscenities and act like a complete lunatic.
  • What Did You Say?
    I asked her, "What in the world does 'hecka' mean?"