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About the Authors

These biographical statements were written for publication in 1997.

Sara Angelis one of six children raised in a single-parent family. She is currently in her second semester at Delta, and she plans to transfer to BYU in Utah. She works part time at Wells Fargo Bank. Her spare-time activities include singing, running, and ice skating (even though her rear spends more time on the ice than do her skates).

L'Oreal Battestelli is a returning student to Delta College. She is a lover of writing and hopes to someday have more of her own writing published.

After graduating from Franklin High School in 1967, Ms. Otha Farley married and gave birth to two wonderful sons: Leonard, now 27, and Michael, who is 26. Although raising her children was a high point in her life, it also prevented her from continuing her education. Now 46, and the proud grandmother of Maria, 7, Jasmine, 5, and Angelic, who is a mere ten days old, Ms. Farley is striving to reach the next level in her educational pursuit: a degree in Journalism. Spring, 1996, was her first semester in school after 29 years, and it was a most rewarding and enjoyable experience. However, Ms. Farley found it to be very demanding, which did not leave much leisure time for enjoying her interests, which are reading novels, writing in her journal, and playing with her grand-daughters.

Marie Gatzis a Political Science student at Delta College. She enjoys playing the guitar, reading and writing. She intends to eventually transfer to the University of the Pacific, where she will study Pre-Law courses. Her goal is to be involved with the decisions concerning America's foreign policies.

Karen Jean Kulkowski is a 36 year-old recovering addict, clean and sober one year. She is a full-time student at Delta College planning to major in Psychology. She is an animal lover. She also enjoys music and dancing.

A Russian by birth and an American at heart, Oksana Louie enjoys the wonderful opportunities to learn more about the American culture while preparing herself for transfer to a university. She earned a Bachelor's degree in economics in her homeland and seeks to continue her education. She loves to skate, swim, and read in her spare time.

Jennifer McCaslandis an Accounting major at Delta College. In her spare time she enjoys reading suspense novels and writing in her personal journal. Her goal is to graduate from Delta College next spring and enter the accounting field. She also plans to pursue writing as a hobby.

Cathy Murthalives in Pioneer with her guide dog, Shadow, and her three children: Andrea 17, Marcie 15, and Sam 13. She hopes to graduate from Delta in the spring of 1998 with an A. A. degree and continue her education in Southern California. Her goal is to major in English, and perhaps, one day to write or teach.

John Poynteris a returning student who plans to teach, write, and enjoy life with his wife, Crystaleen, and their herd of kids and grand kids (sixteen, at present count). A transplant to San Joaquin County, he plans to stay right here and work with the CYA.

Patrick Sánchez-Powell, a twenty-one-year-old student majoring in Chicano Studies and Art, marched from Sacramento to San Diego in the summer of 1996 to protest Proposition 209 and to educate others about affirmative action. After graduation from a university, he plans to teach Chicano Studies and be an artist.

Alaska Riverais returning to school after an extended absence. She is concentrating primarily on her writing at this time. She enjoys traveling, dancing, water skiing, and horse-jumping.

Shafeeq Sadiqis a sophomore in his third semester here at Delta College. He intends to transfer to U. C. Berkeley to pursue a career in medicine. He is nineteen years old.

Nancee Williamsis the Branch Manager of a consumer loan company. She has attended Delta College part-time for three years. She plans to transfer to CSU with a major in finance and a minor in business law. Nancee is a mother to Michael, 11, Natalie, 6, and a stepmother to Sarah, 14, and Jenny, 12. She and her husband, Mark, stay active in their children's lives through their sports, which include baseball, indoor soccer, football and horseback riding.

Saundra Wilsonis studying Computer Science at Delta College. She enjoys reading and writing about various literature and teaching her two sons a variety of crafts.

Lin Yitis currently working on completing her pre-pharmacy requirements. Lin's goal is to get accepted into U.O.P's School of Pharmacy by the end of next year.