1997 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • The Great Skater
    "Sonja Heini once refused to allow Mabel to join Sonja's popular skating troup because Mabel was too gifted."
  • Once More
    "The threads of my childhood wove in and out of each vacation day."
  • Million Man March
    "They served notice that no longer will African-Americans . . .view themselves as a powerless people, but as a force to be reckoned with."
  • Next Year
    "I had not realized there was such a thing as a birth date deadline and could not understand why anyone would make such a stupid rule."
  • A Mother's Agony
    "The picture of Mrs. Smith was not easily erased from my memory."
  • Freedom at Last
    "Layers of my heart are razored off with every blow."
  • Racism and Sexism in Advertising
    ". . .you can witness several young women materialize on a desert island with the male drinker after . . . he opens his can of beer."
  • Lost and Found
    "You feel trapped and you feel as though there is no way out of the pits of hell on earth."
  • My Talking Baseball Mitt
    "Shortstop is no place for manners, and Billy Martin never had to worry about that."
  • The Great Hispanic Way
    "The assumption must have been that his sexuality was not in need of protection or scrutiny--that was for girls only."
  • Me and My Shadow
    "The frisky, little black lab that leapt into my arms three years ago has become an invaluable friend to me."
  • Sexism in the Military
    "If men and women are forced to work separately, how can they come to a truce about working together?"
  • The Silent Heart
    "If you listen very carefully you can hear the silent heart of someone you love."
  • A Lesson About Life
    "I had a feeling deep down that he wasn't being honest about his reasons for leaving."
  • Identity Crisis
    "Besides this cultural conflict, Mexicans also have conflicts among themselves."
  • Raindrops to Rainbows
    "Wonderful phenomena occur when the sun snuggles in the gray softness of the clouds, and the streets are dotted with puddles."
  • Books Aren't Only for Worms
    "I still keep books, magazines, and various forms of literature in every room of my home and in my car."