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About the Authors

These biographical statements were written for publication in 2016.

Kayla King, 19, is currently attending San Joaquin Delta College and plans on transferring to UCLA. While she has always been fond of writing, her real passion is in the visual arts. She is grateful for the support and encouragement of Dr. Phil Hutcheon, as he is the one who convinced her to submit her pieces to Delta Winds.

Nicholas Chellsen is from Antioch California, currently living in Rio Vista with his family. He works part-time as the Youth Ministry Director at Antioch United Methodist Church. He is currently completing his second year at Delta studying Social Sciences and plans to transfer in the fall of 2016. His interests include reading, writing, playing guitar, drinking coffee, and collecting vinyl.

Sabrina Sanchez lives in Manteca, California, though her heart belongs at the beach. Currently working towards her AA as a ceramics major with a minor in Latin American studies, Sabrina is on her second year at Delta College and is considering a job in teaching. As a lover of all art forms (sculpting, writing, illustrating, music), she is thankful that Delta Winds chose to publish her essay as it is one of the pieces she is most proud of. Sabrina would like to extend her sincere gratitude to her family, her loved ones, and to her English 30 professor, Phil Hutcheon, for encouraging her to better her writing and to write from the heart.

Breanna Hildebrand is a 21-year-old alumnus from Delta College who is now attending University of California, Berkeley. She is working on her bachelor's degree in English with an intended focus on Gender and Sexuality. She enjoys petting her dogs, watching stand-up comedy, and finding excuses to avoid her responsibilities.

April Cox was born and raised in California and currently lives in Stockton. April graduated from Ceres High School in 2002. She is a science student at Delta College, and hopes to transfer to Sacramento State University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Kayla Holdaway was born in Oakdale, California, where her dad raised her on his own until she reached the age of six years old. They, then, moved to Stockton. Though they have moved a couple of times to different cities, the majority of Kayla's childhood was spent in Stockton. She graduated from Lincoln High School and is currently working on getting her degree to become a respiratory therapist. Her future plans include working at a hospital as an RT and living a life full of contentment and peace.

Khalid Saleh was born in Afghanistan and came to America with his parents at the age of five. He lives in Mountain House. He wants to major in business administration with a minor in English. When he's not working or studying, he enjoys spending time with his family and loves to take his two daughters, Imaan and Giselle, ages 3 and 5, on adventures.

Adán Álvarez, a third-semester student at San Joaquin Delta College, was born in French Camp, California, but he has been raised in Stockton for most of his life. He comes from a migrant family, and he has lived homeless for the first years of his life. His family has traveled all over Arizona, Nevada, Montana, and all the Pacific states in search for a stable home. His family finally became stable in the city of Stockton. All of these experiences and hardships made him realize how terrible it is to live in a society without anything to call your own. His childhood influences are the motives for writing this essay on the horrible realities that some people in the Unites States have to live in on a daily basis. If not for Professor Agopsowicz and all of his classmates from that early 6:30 in the morning class, this essay would have never come to be, so he would like to say thanks to his professor and his classmates.

Morgan Johnston did not provide a biographical statement.

Maritza Villalobos did not provide a biographical statement.