2014 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • You Can't Go Home Again
    But we all know that the only constant in life is change, and when it came, it came with a vengeance.
  • The Mists of Éire
    I paused, took a deep breath, and closed my eyes for a moment, relishing my victory over The Devil's Ladder.
  • Motherland
    While other children my age were reading about Captain Underpants, I was reading about Prophet Mohammad's passion to save his people from ignorance.
  • Logging Off
    Why waste time making a call to check on a sick friend if there is a live feed of her condition on Twitter?
  • Closeted Girl Gamers: An Analysis of Sex Prejudice in Online Video Gaming
    When trying out for a team in an online game, I often keep quiet at first to get a feel for the team's standards and expectations.
  • My Husband Listens to Rap Music
    The notorious group he so desperately wanted to become a part of proposed a test for guaranteed membership in their group-to rape and kill a woman.
  • America: The World's Greatest Fire Sale
    Happiness has become simply another item to sell, and its value depends on how much is in your bank account.
  • Separation and Resolve
    When the sun was shining, worry and stress were things too heavy for our young hearts.
  • The Value of a Degree
    To begin with, employees with a degree enter the workforce at a higher rate of pay than someone without a degree.
  • Selling to the Public: Thoughts on Advertising Political Agendas
    At the time, I bought the justifications and believed the logic provided by speakers and commentators on TV.
  • Bluffing Harry
    I found almost immediately that Harry lies to the French about being unable to control the ferocity of his soldiers.
  • So Enid and Dorothy from West Covina Can Hear You
    Because everything is so rushed, they are robbed of sharing their artistic experience with one another before the camera starts rolling.
  • Duh!
    In middle school, I had about three people I could call friends, and even that was pushing it.