2007 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • Letter from the Editors
  • The Trick
    I could have turned back. My mind screamed at me to turn back. But the awe on the students' faces told me I couldn't back out now.
  • Hop on the Horse
    Their almond-shaped eyes were shut tight as they mustered all the strength they had to steer the silver wheel before them.
  • Education in India
    My mother once had to hold a heavy book in her hands with her arms stretched out for coming to class late.
  • My English Professor
    His eyes moved from left to right with astonishing speed, his hands flipped page, after page, with eager anticipation, and his body sunk deep into the chair, as my essay developed and took on the form of literary art.
  • Miles To Go Before He Slept: The Life and Works of Robert Frost
    Thus, the woodpile is symbolic of the things that people leave behind when they take on new challenges in life.
  • The Shades in Between
    Our relationship limped along like a wounded animal; it laid down, got up and shambled around, laid down again, and then it finally died.
  • Conformity in the Quest for Popularity
    There are little people you have to first befriend and then later belittle. That is just how the game works.
  • Prejudice and Pride
    At this time, my appearance was one of the few areas of my life I still felt I had control of. I attracted little or no attention from men, which lessened the threat of violence.
  • My Admirable Grandpa Grigory
    He always started with our favorite Russian songs, Moros, about the beauty of Russia's great nature. The voice of my grandpa was very nice and clear and sounded so deep and tender that the hearts of everybody were filled with warmth.
  • We Were Soldiers
    His lucky charm was a penny given to him by another soldier. Captain Nolen carried the penny in his left shirt pocket and had he not, he would have been shot through the heart and killed.
  • Why Emus Don't Make Good House Pets
    All of a sudden the emu jumped up and delivered a front kick to my mother's ribs much like the trinity kick in Matrix.
  • Busted!
    Everyone has skeletons in a closet, a locked box, or possibly under a mound of dirt, deep behind a shed. It's a good thing I have a large closet.
  • Der Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain)
    With its soliloquy-like arias, literary leitmotifs, and contrapuntal symbolic-realism, The Magic Mountain reads like an opera.
  • The Bipolar Child: How the Illness Affects the Family
    In fact, parents of bipolar children are often doing their best while bewildered, exhausted, frustrated, and in some cases, afraid of their own children's violent impulses.