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About the Authors

These biographical statements were written for publication in 2007.

Paula Cordova, lifelong learner, proud wife and mother, is a student at Delta College, ultimately aiming to become an English teacher, her dream since childhood. She also employs her muse to write stories, the current one being a zombie-survival story.

Nina Penalosais a twenty-something-year-old girl with an insatiable appetite to explore the world around her, but is stuck in the bubble that is Stockton, California. She plans to flee the San Joaquin Valley in the fall when she transfers to San Francisco State University, where she plans to major in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minor in Journalism. She likes music, art, perusing around bookstores and hopes to see her name written across the spine of one those books someday.

Ranvir Khatkarkeeps his writing skills sharp by keeping a personal journal and writing numerous papers on different subjects. He has decided to major in English or Communications with hopes of getting into law school. If not law, he would like to do something that involves writing.

Latricia Tyson provided the following: "I am just a student paying respect to a teacher who made me remember, once upon a time, I had dreams, too."

Kevan Rileyis currently studying information technology at Delta, and hopes to one day obtain his bachelor's degree. He is a native of Stockton, where he resides with his wife. This is his first published piece of writing.

Lois Steelehas been a student at Delta for four years. She loves reading and music. She is an English major with a deep interest in psychology and sociology. She has been accepted at UOP in the English program and has plans to be an editor.

Chad Whiteleyis a native Texan, who can best be described as a country preacher. His early adult life was spent learning about the traditional Baptist faith in the Ouachita Mountains of Southwest Arkansas. From there, he began his ministry in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. For the last six years, he has served as the Senior Pastor of the First Missionary Baptist Church of Manteca, California. He, his wife and his loyal dog seek to serve the churches wherever there is need. His recent return to college to study Business Administration illustrates his newfound belief in a properly educated ministry. His intentions are to go on to Colorado Christian University, and then to Seminary to further refine ministry skills.

Susan Sidersis, first and foremost, the mother of seven wonderful children. Because one of her children is autistic, her original intention was to return to school in order to become a special education teacher. However, the guidance and support she received from her English professors, Kathy Adams and Anna Villegas, have motivated Susan to become an English major. Susan hopes one day to teach at Delta College.

Elena Carlssonfor twenty years has been a teacher of music. After graduating from Music College in Russia, in Ulyanovsk, she traveled extensively, living and working with children for six years in Mongolia and for seven years in Lithuania. The most successful time in her career was when she lived in her own city of Ulyanovsk, Russia, where for ten years she taught music in Elementary School #1, rated the best elementary school in all of Ulyanovsk. Elena misses her country, job, friends and relatives. She has lived in Stockton for almost two and half years already. Learning English is never boring for her, even though it takes a lot of time and strength. She has two children--a daughter and a son--whom she loves very much. Her best friend and helper in her life is her husband, who supports her in all things. She likes everything beautiful, charming and attractive, and appreciates polite, intelligent and patient people. Her future dream is to work with children again as a teacher in an elementary school in America.

Colby Yeagerwas a student in English 30: Film as Literature at Delta College during the summer of 2004. Captain Travis Nolen served with the 7th Air Cavalry in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Silver Star for his valor in helping a wounded fellow POW escape from the infamous Hoa Lo Prison (also known as "the Hanoi Hilton"). In this essay Colby reflects upon the impact of viewing "We Were Soldiers" and of Captain Nolen's visit to her class to discuss his experiences in relation to events depicted in the film.

Derek Spencerwas born on September 22, 1980, in Hayward, California, and grew up in Manteca, California. He graduated from East Union High School in 1999, and shortly after graduation enlisted in the United States Army for five years. He fought in the Iraq war as an Infantry Sniper with the 2nd Infantry Division. After his tour of duty ended, Derek returned home to California and enrolled in Delta Junior College. Derek is in his final semesters at Delta and preparing to transfer to Stanislaus State (CSU) to get his Bachelor's and Master's in history and plans to use his degrees to teach. Derek spends his extra time studying and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Manteca, teaching Tae Kwon Do and telling his students "You can do anything that you put your mind to!"

Laura Lee Carpenter, forty-two-years-old, has four children and two grandchildren. She grew up in Stockton and graduated with a GED when she turned sixteen. As she states, "Growing up I had every opportunity to succeed. I chose to waste it all. I was always too busy trying to find the high that would not go away. I spent time in prison and even more time in a number of county jails around California. Today, I have been clean and sober for at least one year and have not been to jail for over two years." She has been enrolled at Delta College for four semesters and holds a 4.0 GPA. Recently, she received an Outstanding Student Award here at Delta College. Her goal is to be an excellent role model for her children and grandchildren. "I have a support system. I am skilled and capable and I could go out and find a job with a decent paycheck, but today I would rather pursue an education and get a career, so that I may find satisfaction in what I choose to do."

In the following work, Nicholas Ridino analyzes Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain. The German-born Mann (1875-1955) earned The Nobel Prize in Literature five years following publication of The Magic Mountain (1924); however, the award principally noted the accomplishments of his earlier Buddenbrooks (1901). At Delta, Nicholas completes his general education requirements. He wishes to recommend the novel and its author to others.

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sherrie Worrell now resides in San Marcos, California, with her husband Justyn and her cat, Sydney. Though they have no children, she and her husband love spending time with the families and especially their niece and nephew, Emily and Michael. Sherrie recently returned to school this past year to pursue her degree in Business. She is currently the Deputy City Clerk for the City of Poway, where she has worked for 9 years.

This paper is dedicated to Lisa, Emily and Michael Rogge with the hopes that one day a cure will be found to help those individuals diagnosed with Bipolar.