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About the Authors

These biographical statements were written for publication in 2006.

Ashley Litzwas born in Stockton, CA, yet spent the majority of her childhood in the North Georgia mountains. An avid fan of good stories and comic books, Ashley spends most of her free time writing her own of each, and is very excited to be published in the Delta Winds, her first essay publication.

Scotty Hoaghas always believed that comedians and cartoonists have been the greatest social and political commentators. Therefore, he always tries to put a humorous tone on even the most serious of issues. He is not ashamed to say that he considers Gary Trudeau, Aaron McGrudger, and Gary Larson very high on the list of accomplished authors. In addition to his love of comedy and cartoons, he also spends an almost unhealthy number of hours playing video games (another form of entertainment that is also distinguishing itself as a medium for art and political and social commentary) and consumes an unhealthy amount of caffeine. He studies art, writing, computer programming, martial arts, and Asian cultures.

Becky Andazolais a returning student to Delta College, striving for degrees in business and education. She has five wonderful children and three beautiful grandchildren. She is blessed and fortunate to work at New Harvest Christian School where her youngest daughter and grandchildren attend. Becky has the following words of advice: "To the older student; it's never too late to obtain your goals and dreams! With God, all things are possible."

Christopher Millerhas been alive for a little over nineteen years and currently works at the 180 Teen Center in Lodi. He grew up in Galt, California, without any siblings. He is indeed an only child. He hoped someday to become a superhero but unfortunately lacked the occupational skills necessary to leap tall buildings in a single bound and what not. So after considering his rather ordinary physical ability and the simple fact that modern society fails (thankfully) to produce super villains in need of a heroic thrashing, Chris plans to become one or a combination of the following: writer, actor, musician, minister. He wishes you contemplative enjoyment of his piece.

Nicholas C. Ridinois an English major whose primary interests lie in late 19th- and early 20th-Century English and American literatures, respectively. He enjoys listening to classical and opera music as well as watching outdated films. Success, he believes, is arrived at solely through the tireless repetition of ingrained behavior. Nicholas can be described similarly to how the late German author Thomas Mann once described himself: "a chronicler and analyst of decadence, a lover of the pathologicalan aesthete with a proclivity toward the abyss." Once obtaining his degree, Nicholas intends to transfer to a separate institution and devote his studies to a narrower literary discipline.

Rodrigo Villagomezwas born and raised in Stockton and graduated from Lincoln High in 1994. After graduation he served for the next ten years in the United States Army as a musician. Among the many places he served were Korea and Afghanistan, along with several stateside locations. With the changing times and uncertain nature of the Army Bandfield, Rodrigo decided to take his chances on the outside and pursue a career in sports broadcasting. Rodrigo plans to transfer to San Francisco State after Delta.

Jana Glines-Harveyhas lived in the Sierra foothills with her family for the past ten years and enjoys the sunny outdoors with her Golden Retriever and Yorkshire Terrier. Her favorite memory is the time when she flew thousands of feet above Greenland while reading God's Word and enjoying the Northern Lights. Though her major is undeclared, her love for Jesus and adventure keeps her hopeful about the future.

Jasonya Burkewas born in Burlington, Washington, and spent a number of her childhood years traveling on the road, while being home-schooled. Eventually, her family settled in the San Diego area. She attended Oceanside High School but received her G.E.D. after moving to Spokane, Washington, in 1992. She married, then divorced, and moved to the Central Valley in 2003. She is currently pursuing her A.A. at Delta College and plans to transfer to a local university where she hopes to complete a bachelor's in the field of forensics and criminal law. She enjoys camping, water sports, and parasailing with her son, significant other and close friends.

Dante Montyis married to Regina and has two kids, Anthony and Tosha. After serving in the US Navy as a Sonar Technician for ten years, he worked with Intel Corporation and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He is planning on transferring to CSU Stanislaus to pursue a BA in Computer Information System.

Dania Yadira Avelar, also known as Yaya, has lived in Stockton all of her life, nineteen years to be precise. Her favorite hobbies are meditating, practicing yoga, interpreting her dreams, and spending valuable time with her family. Currently, she is a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma club and enjoys doing community service with her friends. Also, she loves her job as a statistics tutor at Delta College because relieving her tutees from their academic plights thrills her. Her future goals are to join the Peace Corps for a couple of years, raise a happy family, and graduate from Stanford with a PhD in psychology. She feels that being raised in a Mexican-American family has caused religion to influence her perspective about life. Her ultimate goal is to get closer to God and be at peace with everyone around her.

Sara McDougallis a Liberal Arts major. This is her first published collegiate piece.