2003 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • A Fading Culture
    My Abuelita was the first person to innocently surprise me with Chicano stereotypes.
  • My Relationship with Dad
    There is an old Chinese saying: "A tiger-like father will never have a dog-like son."
  • An Unfair Incident
    It is very difficult for me to comprehend how dehumanizing this whole healthcare system has become.
  • Best Friends Forever
    Any member had to be approved by us, with a fee of a dollar.
  • The Trip Down the Road of a Life-Threatening Illness
    Once my son's doctor spoke to us about what caring for a child with Leukemia would entail, I realized I could not keep my two part-time jobs.
  • A Lesson Learned
    With a snap of a finger, I become a rebel.
  • The Quest for Awareness
    However, some instructors perceive that students with a disability are deceitful, threatening, incompetent, or burdensome.
  • Cell Phones at Public Events
    The mayor of San Diego's phone was ringing while she gave a news conference asking the public to stop using cell phones at inappropriate times in public.
  • The Misunderstood Femme Fatale
    The poems "La Belle Dame sans Merci" by John Keats and "The Loreley" by Heinrich Heine share the male view of the female seductress.
  • ~Goddess~ World Healer
    There is a gap in the collective human experience, which is reflected in our inability to move from a war-like to a nurturing mentality, in our systematic destruction of the earth.
  • "I'll Always Love You, Mommy"
    She took about an hour to slurp up her meager bowl of soup, but before she could finish it I interrupted.
  • A Dishonest Society
    So some children, driven by good intentions, cheat their way through a major test, perhaps, because they just don't feel like putting all that effort into actually studying.
  • America's not Heaven, but It's the Closest Thing on Earth!!
    I remember my friends and I sitting in the worst place we had ever been, wondering how long before the cheering and applause would be replaced by bullets and bloodshed.
  • The Big Root Beer Float in the Sky
    Grandpa smiled meekly, and motioned for me to come to him.
  • A Circus
    Next in line we find the family lion tamer, juggler, and head clown, otherwise known as Grandpa Chuck.