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About the Authors

These biographical statements were written for publication in 2003.

Like many other individuals in her family, Veronica Padilla is pursuing a career in the field of education. Her love for teaching, learning, and helping others has come from the responsibility of being the oldest daughter of Mexican parents. When she's not in school mode, she enjoys anything related to the arts or simply spending time with family and friends. She finds writing to be the perfect way to express ideas that are sometimes difficult to describe through spoken words.

Yushan Hu, 35 years old, is a teacher from Foshan No.3 Middle-School, China. After studying at Delta for three months, she is going back to China to go on with her teaching career. "I love my job. I am going to tell my students what I have experienced and what I have learned here at Delta College."

Donna Hagenhas been a student at Delta College for the past two years. She is liberal arts student and plans to transfer to CSU Stanislaus. Mrs. Hagen is married and has five children. Besides writing, she also enjoys music and gardening.

Tajmah Jonesis a 28 year-old Delta College student who is returning to Delta after five years to continue her college education. She is undecided on whether to pursue a career in social work or teaching, but is presently working on her A. A. degree. She has been married for almost six years and has three beautiful children. When not at school she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, photographing, and scrap booking her family photos.

"Nothing in this world is permanent. Eventually, things will change like the way we aspire it to be. However, we must stand and lead now to make small beginnings." Tina Svetlana Gomez believes that the youth of today are the only weapon to attain the change that our world needs. Because of that principle, she wants to major in Political Science at UC Berkeley. She also aspires to teach and write her own book, in God's time. This adventurous seventeen-year-old freshman was born and raised in the Philippines and migrated in the USA July 2002. She spends her free time reading, singing and winning friends.

Thu Phanwas born in Vietnam and came to the United States when she was two years old. She has three sisters, two brothers, and a family dog. She will be attending the University of Pacific in fall 2003 to major in psychology. Her long-term goal is to be an advocate for people who are physically challenged. She wants to be their voice and their spokesperson. Additionally, she wants to be a motivational speaker on self-empowerment.

Jacqui FitzGeraldmoved to California six years ago from Canada. She lives in Manteca with her husband and eleven-year-old son. She is pursuing a business degree at Delta College.

Brian Musichwas born in Fremont, California, along with his twin sister. He is 20 years old and a sophomore at Delta College. In the fall, he will be transferring to the California State University, Stanislaus. He is an English major and would like to become a teacher. One day, he hopes to write an Academy Award winning screenplay.

Nola Pierceis twenty years old and a sophomore in college. She plans on transferring in the fall to Cal Poly at San Louis Obispo or Humboldt State University to study English and music.

Jessica Pittman, eighteen years old, is a graduate of Calaveras High School. She decided to attend Delta College to complete her general education courses. She has hopes of transferring to U.C. Berkeley or U.C. Davis. She is concentrating on either a Business or a Science Major. She studies most of the time, but also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend.

Jasmine Poscablois a student of life at Delta College. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to, reading, drawing and writing. She is currently on a quest for enlightenment and other like-minded individuals.

The author of this essay wishes to remain anonymous.

Becky Weedenwas born and raised in Lodi, California, and was always taught how important family is, especially one's elders.

Cary Farruggiais a married mother of three children. She is recently returning to school after serving in the Navy. This is her second semester attending Delta College.