2001 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • Loving Life in Montana
    "The sleeping quarters are to be an old bunk house that you will share with a wrangler and a packer."
  • A Memorable Place
    "I just waited for him to fill my arms with everything he could entrust me with for a safe journey to the boat."
  • America's Shell Game
    "Americans seem to have come to a point where the truth is lost somewhere between what they want it to be and the truth itself."
  • Are You a Father or a Daddy?
    "I had to learn to deal with less sleep, 2:00 a.m. feedings, diaper changing, picking up the spoon for the hundredth time and changing my clean shirt several times a day."
  • Compassion's Harvest
    "As the blows from fists, feet, and boards rained down on me, I could hear the heartless laughter that I feared would be the last thing I ever heard."
  • Coming Home: A Study in Contrast
    "Unlike the hero status given to the returning soldiers form World War II, the soldiers that served in Vietnam were portrayed as baby killers, psychos, drug addicts and war mongers."
  • Crowding the Aisles
    "We need to fix the overcrowding of our educational system for the sake of our youth."
  • Drowning in Sorrow
    "The heaviness in my heart comes from a different place than it did then."
  • Materialism
    "I am always amazed at the number of parents who have chosen to move to our area and commute many miles to work in order to have more expensive cars, clothes, homes with pools and other materialistic items."
  • Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten Class
    "How could they sleep like that -- on the floor, no blankets, and in the middle of the day?"
  • School Safety: Is It a Lost Cause?
    "Students are now wondering if it is possible to make it through the school day without becoming a victim of a senseless act of violence."
  • The Choice
    "Intelligence doesn't fade."
  • Too Busy for Dreaming
    "This morning while driving to work, I remembered to look at my shoes to see if they were a matched pair; fortunately they were."
  • True Nature
    "Public image and selfish, petty feelings usually motivate even politeness and courtesy that we think are genuine."
  • The Bookmakers
    "In contrast to the robust oversewn volume is the elegant and super-flexible double-fan adhesive bound book."