Communication is fundamental in everyday life. Because effective communication is the basis for successful human interaction, the ability to develop good communication skills is a desirable and obtainable goal. Effective communication skills are empowering. Competent communicators tend to be more successful in social and business realms. Their communication skills can help to strengthen relationships, contribute to their communities, and gain greater self-confidence. Additionally, employers report that they consistently rank communication competence above technical knowledge when hiring and promoting employees. According to business leaders from every industry, successful employees possess the ability to express their ideas to others with confidence and clarity.

In addition to relational and business benefits, effective communication skills are linked to critical thinking and ethical speech. As a Communication major you will learn psychology, sociology, history, English, and political science. Communication scholars borrow from multiple disciplines in order to study the motivations and execution of our communication habits, practices, and tendencies.

Certificate and Degree Options


  • Communication Studies, AA
  • Communication Studies, AA-T

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Communication Studies courses help students develop communication skills that they will use throughout their lives in a wide range of settings and for a variety of purposes. All of the values, related to successful communication, are reflected in the college mission statement. Students pursuing a career may choose to complete the associate in arts degree. Students that would like to transfer to a California State University (CSU) with a major in communication may choose to complete the associate in arts degree for transfer.


Job Titles and Career Information

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