English Composition Courses

English Composition Course Descriptions

English 1A: Reading and Composition

English 1A is a transfer-level composition class comparable to freshman English courses in colleges and universities across the United States. This course emphasizes college-level reading and writing skills, including the skills needed to write a documented research essay. Taking English 1A during your first semester in college or in high school is highly recommended.

English 2A: Reading and Composition with Support 

English 2A is a combined lecture and lab course designed to provide additional support at the transfer level. The professor and Academic Coaches provide feedback and assistance, and on-campus sections are scheduled in rooms with computers for hands-on writing and research. Although lab activities vary, the primary focus is the development of students’ academic writing skills. Note: This class is an alternative to English 1A and replaces English 1A with English 95 starting in the Spring 2022 semester.

English 1B: College Composition and Literature or English 1D: Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking

After completing English 1A or 2A, students who intend to transfer to a four-year college or university take either English 1B or English 1D. Both of these courses emphasize the development of critical thinking skills through reading, discussion, and college-level writing. English 1B focuses on the analysis of culturally diverse works of literature, while English 1D focuses on the principles of logic and the development of students’ ability to analyze, reason, and apply critical thinking in writing.

ESL 59: Advanced College Reading/Writing for Multilingual Students II 

This combined lecture and lab course prepares students in the ESL program for success in English 1A or English 2A. This class is intended only for students in the ESL program. Students interested in joining the ESL program should take the ESL guided self-placement.

Note: This class can be helpful for English Language Learners, but all students have the right to take English 1A or English 2A without a preparatory course.