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The World Language program provides primarily first- and second-year transfer-level courses that will satisfy core General Education (G.E.) requirements for career pathway in the workforce as well as to satisfy to satisfy requirements for the CSU’S and UC’S. 

Students in the Spanish program will develop their proficiency in reading, writing, understanding, speaking, and they also acquire awareness about Latin-American cultures & traditions.

The Spanish Department offers an Associate’s in Arts for Transfer Degree (AA-T). The transfer-level courses are designed to prepare students to continue with their language studies in upper-division courses after completing their education at Delta College. 

The Spanish Department has developed a flexible schedule of classes offering morning, evenings, and night classes. 

In addition, for student’s needs and convenience, the Spanish Department offers courses scheduled in various modalities: face-to-face, hybrid, and fully online. 

The Spanish faculty and staff members welcome you and we look forward to assisting you fulfill your educational journey.  

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Map for Spanish AA-T

Ready to plan your path to a degree in Spanish? View an academic map for Spanish AA-T. 

Academic Map for Spanish AA-T

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