2010 Letter from the Editors

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Letter from the Editors

This year's volume contains works of various size and shape: extended research on topics from classic American literature to online education; analytical essays on the common experiences shared by children and young adults faced with the challenges of society; explorations of women in roles as working mothers and fashion models; and personal reflections on subjects concerning racial tolerance, the passing on of ancestral traditions and values, and the passionate sounds and significance of rock music. This year's volume also includes three essays concerning education and the recent administrative decision to cut basic skills courses here at Delta College. In this set of essays on education, students consider the state of education in their state and at their college. The diversity of opinion and interest evident in all of these compositions reflects the commonality found at this community college. What we have in common is our own individuality. What our students at this college search for through writing is to express their own independent voices -- regardless of skill level, cultural background, and prior educational experience.