2005 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • Breaking Stereotypes Through Music
    Her message is clear: there's no reason for any woman to deny herself. Live as you wish, be who you are, regardless of what others may feel.
  • Collar
    Blue jays would dive-bomb him from a nearby tree trunk, and he'd yawn instead of taking his usual initiative to shoo them off.
  • 'Cuz My Mommy Said So
    His daughter has shown no particular appreciation for, or attachment to, her Barbies and rather enjoyed mutilating them.
  • Dying a "Good Death"
    Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide is respecting autonomy.
  • "Inay"
    Her face was wrinkled and old, but her warm eyes were the windows to her youth ­ pools of dark brown chocolate.
  • "Little Sister Born in This Land"
    For plastic does not think, it does not feel, it has no mind of its own. Instead, it is molded into whatever form it is poured into. She will become whatever she allows herself to be poured into, even if it is a clown to be laughed at, someone following the crowd instead of leading the way.
  • Loneliness
    Since American lifestyle tends towards individualism, it is difficult for me to communicate with the people who live in the neighborhood and even the students who study in the same class with me.
  • Macho Man--An In-depth Analysis of the Prejudices of Disability
    Then, the man from the red truck yelled, "Who do you think you're fooling -- you ain't disabled. What kind of man takes his grandma's parking placard, anyway, just so he don't have to walk a few feet?"
  • My Most Prized Possession: An In-depth Analysis of Materialism
    My mother and I had been estranged prior to my illness; we had always had a detached and remote relationship. The monkey symbolized a level of closeness that had been foreign to our relationship.
  • The Opportunity to Learn
    Perhaps the reason today's students know so little is that people want to teach them too much; forcing information down students' throats isn't going to make them learn.
  • The Story of the Mug
    The young man spoke to his father about his fears of going to Vietnam and dying there. His father told him about doing his duty for his country and for his family's honor.
  • Take Off the Distorted Lenses: A Discovery of Stereotyping the Wealthy Businessmen in China
    After I worked for a prosperous and well-educated boss who deceived his wife with a young girl, I further adhered to the perception of all wealthy businessmen as adulterous.
  • The Tattoo and Piercing Festival, or Making New Friends
    Now normally I have very little in common with people who put holes in their bodies for fun.
  • The Twin Towers
    Some people thought the Twin Towers were nothing more than two ugly buildings, built to unnecessary heights, just to symbolize the dominance of one nation in the world.