Web Author Roles and Groups

To edit content on the Delta College website, you will need to attend a Web Author Training. Once you complete training, you will be given a Drupal account and assigned a Drupal Role. 

Content Editor

After your basic Web Author Training you will be assigned to the Content Editor Role. You will also be added to a group(s) which will give you access to edit a specific set of pages and files. 

As a Content Editor you may be responsible for multiple pages, as well as multiple groups. Additionally, there can be multiple Content Editors within a group.

Content Editor Responsibilties

  • Update/edit content for the pages that you have been assigned.
  • Edit/update the hours and general contact information for the area to which you have been assigned.
  • Replace existing documents and remove documents as needed.
  • Work with Marketing and Outreach for development of new pages, new images, or navigation changes.
  • Publish your pages when finsihed with your edits.
  • Work with Marketing and Outreach to delete pages and/or files.

Advanced Roles

Within Drupal there is the ability to create additional roles with more advanced permissions as well as create a workflow of submit, review, publish. These advanced roles will be introduced after the first round of Web Author training is completed.