Create/Edit Tables

Tables can be used when tabular data needs to be placed within a page. Tables should not be used to create column layouts. If you need help adding column layouts to your page, submit a request using the Web Help Form

Add A Table

  1. Select the Tables icon null from the WYSIWYG Toolbar
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, enter the following information into the appropriate
    • Numbers of Rows
    • Number of Columns
    • Width (we recommend leaving this blank to make the table adapt to the full width of the page)
    • Headers (If you would like the top row of your table to stand out from the rest, select First Row from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, select None). See examples of table styles.
    • Click OK
      add a table to the WYSIWYG editor
  3. Once you click ok, you will see a table in the editable region. Begin adding your content in the appropriate rows and columns.
  4. Select Save at the bottom of the page to save your work and preview what your table will look like when live.

Edit a Table

Once a table is on your page, you can add/remove columns, rows, and headings by right-clicking on the table to display the menus that are available for that specific function. Right click in the table to display a menu for editing the table

  • To add a row, place your cursor in the row above or below of where you want the new row added. Right-click, and from Rowselect Insert Row After or Insert Row Below. To remove a row, right-click inside the row or column you wish to remove, and from Row, select Delete Row.
  • To add a column, place your cursor in the column to the right or left of where you want the new column added. Right-click, and from Column, select Insert Column After or Insert Column Below. To remove a column, right-click inside the column you wish to remove, and from Column, select Delete Column.
  • To add or remove first row headers, right-click inside the table and select Table Properties. From there, change the selection under Headers.

Remove a Table

To remove a table:

  1. Right-click on the table display
  2. Select Delete Table

The table and the content in its cells will be removed.