Generic Paragraph

Generic Paragraphs are used to add an additional basic region to a node in a spot other than the main body region. You can place a generic paragraph in the Content Paragraph or Content Bottom region. 

Generic Paragraphs can also have styles applied to them to make them standout. Styles include a background color and/or border. 

Editing Generic Paragraphs

To edit a generic paragraph, click the edit button to expand the paragraph. Note that if you have multiple generic paragraphs on a page, you may have to expand more than one to find the content you are trying to edit.

Once expanded, the Generic Paragraph works the same as editing basic content in the Body Region. You can add/remove text, add/remove images, add/remove links, etc. 

editing paragraphs in druapl

Examples of Generic Paragraphs with Styles

The style of each Generic Paragraph can change (different background colors, border, etc) but they all are still using the Generic Paragraph element and can be edited the same. If you wish to change the style of your Generic Paragraph, please submit a request using our web help form.

Generic Paragraph with Grey Background

Added to Content Paragraphs Region

This Generic Paragraph has a grey background. 

class name: "grey-background"

Generic Paragraph with Grey Border

Added to Content Paragraphs Region*

This Generic Paragraph has a grey border. 

class names: "grey-border"

*The Grey Border is ONLY used in Content Paragraphs (not in Content Bottom)

Generic Paragraph with Gold Background

Added to Content Paragraphs Region

This Generic Paragraph has a Gold Background.

class name: "gold-background"