Nodes and Node IDs (NID)


All content in Drupal is stored as a node and represented as a Page on the Delta College website. Events, pages, news articles, department homepages —every type of content is a node!

To see all nodes that exist on the Delta College website, go to the Content administration area.

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Node ID (NID)

Every node is given an ID number. This number is called the NID (Node ID). The NID is unique and never changes as long as the node exists.  

Locating the NID

To look up the NID:

  1. Go to the Content administration area.
  2. Find the name of the node you are looking for (names are listed under the Title column). You can also use the filter/search options at the top of the page to search for a node.
  3. Once you find the node, look under the NID columnThis number is the node's unique ID (NID).