Web Style Guide


Besides the logo, color is one of the most important elements of brand identity. A consistent use of colors throughout the website as well as printed collateral helps to identify a piece as "Delta College". 

Primary Colors



Hex #F9C623



Hex #101010


Secondary Colors


Medium Gold

Hex #DBAE16


Dark Gold

Hex #9A7D17



Hex #023167


Dark Grey

Hex #4A4A4A


Light Grey




Like color, typography helps create a consistent brand. Please use the following as a reference of fonts used on the on Delta College Website.


Open Sans

Open Sans Regular is used for all main content throughout the site.

Oswald Bold

Oswald Bold is used for all main content throughout the site.


Font Styles


Open Sans Bold is used for Bold Text.


Open Sans Bold Italic and Open Sans Italic

List Styles

  • List Styles
  • List Styles
    • List Styles
      • List Styles

Link Styles


This is an example of a default link. You can also make a link bold.


Default Button


Disabled Button

'button disabled'

Alternate Button

'button alternate'

Black Button

'button alt-black'

Outline Button

'button outline'

Table Styles

Table With First Row Header

Heading Heading
Text  Text
Text Text

Table Without First Row Header

Text Text
Text  Text
Text Text


Photography used on the website should reflect the Delta College campus and our students, faculty and staff. Photos should be authentic, telling real stories of our campus. Stock Images should be limited in use and will be reviewed by the Office of Marketing and Communications.