Staff Assignments to Grants

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Last updated: September 17, 2021

Grant Name Analyst
Adult Ed - Data Accountability Erica Sum
AmeriCorps Student Ambassador Program Vance Shafer
Antelope Valley College Hosting Services Vance Shafer
Apprenticeship-Caterpillar Tech Shondra Kaufman
Avenue E Diversity in Engineering Shondra Kaufman
Basic Skills  Shondra Kaufman
Ben Holt Academy Vance Shafer
CA Council Diesel Ed  Shondra Kaufman
CA State Preschool Program Vance Shafer
California Apprenticeship Initiative Shondra Kaufman
California Campus Catalyst Fund Shondra Kaufman
Cal-PASS Erica Sum
CALWorks Erica Sum
Campus Safety & Sexual Assault Erica Sum
CARE Erica Sum
Cat Think Big  Shondra Kaufman
Child Care Food Program, Fed Vance Shafer
Child Care Food Program, State Vance Shafer
Child Development Consortium (CDC) Vance Shafer
CISCO Academy PY Shondra Kaufman
College Access Challenge Grant Erica Sum
College Futures Foundation Grant Erica Sum
College Work Study Erica Sum
Comm. Dev. Block Grant (CDBG) PY Shondra Kaufman
Commitment of Strong Workforce Regional Vance Shafer
Community Education - Workforce Dev Vance Shafer
CTE  Vance Shafer
CTE/ Workforce Dev Contracts Vance Shafer
Deputy Sector Navigator  Vance Shafer
DHH Allowance Erica Sum
DSP Erica Sum
DSPS Handicapped Allowance Erica Sum
DWR Apprenticeship Program Fund Shondra Kaufman
Emergency Student Aid Erica Sum
Enrollment Growth for ADN Prog Shondra Kaufman
EOPS Erica Sum
Equal Employment Opportunity Erica Sum
Financial Aid Technology Erica Sum
Foster Care Ed Shondra Kaufman
FSS MESA Shondra Kaufman
FSS Middle College HS (MCHS) Shondra Kaufman
General Child Care & Dev Programs (CCTR) Vance Shafer
Guided Pathways Erica Sum
Health Sector Partnership Erica Sum
Hunger Free Campus Shondra Kaufman
Kern Community College District  Vance Shafer
Langston Hughes Academy Contract Vance Shafer
Lottery - Restricted, Instructional Material Erica Sum
Lottery - Unrestricted, Utilities Erica Sum
LUSD Dispatch Services Erica Sum
Nursing Apprenticeship Vance Shafer
Police Academy - Student Reimbursement Erica Sum
Program Generated Funds PY  Shondra Kaufman
Prop 39  Shondra Kaufman
Puente Project /University of California Shondra Kaufman
Quick Path Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Program Vance Shafer
Santa Clarita Community College District Vance Shafer
SBA - Portable Assistance Program Shondra Kaufman
SBDC GO-BIZ (HSU) Shondra Kaufman
Scheduled Maintenance Shondra Kaufman
SJ CO Resource Dir  Erica Sum
Small Bus Community Match Shondra Kaufman
Small Business Admin  Shondra Kaufman
SSSP: Matriculation  Shondra Kaufman
Stanislaus Office of Education Vance Shafer
Stockton Arts Commission Vance Shafer
Stockton Unified School District Vance Shafer
Strong Workforce Programs Local  Vance Shafer
Student Equity Plan Shondra Kaufman
SWP Vance Shafer
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Erica Sum
Traffic Safety Program Erica Sum
Troops to College Erica Sum
TTIP 4CNET PY Shondra Kaufman
TTIP Technology Access PY Shondra Kaufman
TTIP Video Conference PY Shondra Kaufman
Veteran Resource Center new grant Erica Sum
West Hills Community College District Vance Shafer
YESS California Program Shondra Kaufman