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Quarterly Financial Reports
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Board Meeting Date


Q2 Report March 5, 2024
Q1 Report December 12, 2023


Q3 Report June 6, 2023
Q2 Report March 7, 2023
Q1 Report December 13, 2022


Q3 Report June 7, 2022
Q2 Report March 1, 2022
Q1 Report December 14, 2021


Q4 Report September 7, 2021
Q3 Report May 18, 2021
Q2 Report Feb 16, 2021
Q1 Report Dec 15, 2020


Q4 Report Oct 20, 2020
Q3 Report May 19, 2020
Q2 Report Mar 10, 2020
Q1 Report Dec 10, 2019




CCFS-311 Annual


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COVID-19 State Block Grant

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Other Uses of (a)(1) Institutional Portion Funds.

To redeploy Child Development Center personnel due to COVID-19 District Closure.  Staff assignments include distribution of laptops and other equipment to students for the transition to an online learning environment and support of the student services chat line to maintain virtual operations.