Foundation Donation Process

  • Donations made to the Delta College Foundation must be documented by completing the Foundation Donation/Pledge Form.
    • If donating cash, the completed Donation/Pledge Form and cash should be submitted directly to Vault Services in Admin 102.
    • All non-cash donations should be submitted to the benefiting department along with the completed Donation/Pledge Form, e.g. photography equipment or costumes for the drama department should be submitted to the Arts and Communication Division office.
  • The Donation/Pledge Form is forwarded to the Fiscal Services Department for evaluation and processing is completed within 30 days.
  • All Foundation donations are presented quarterly to the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors.
  • All Foundation donations are recognized and acknowledged by the Superintendent/President and/or the Foundation Board President with a personalized thank you letter following the Foundation Board meeting.

Foundation Donation/Pledge Form

Additional Details

  • If the donation is not accepted, the donor will be notified by the Fiscal Services Department.
  • Unless donated to the Foundation, all scholarship funds are processed by Financial Aid, Scholarships and Veteran's Services. A completed Scholarship Agreement Form is required to establish a scholarship account. Contact Cheryl De La Cruz for more infomation.
  • The Foundation is classified as tax-exempt nonprofit organization 501(c)(3).
  • Federal and State laws recognize and reward charitable giving. Because each situation is different, individuals are urged to consult their financial advisor prior to donating.

Scholarship Agreement Form