Letter from the Editors

Delta Winds cover 2013Delta Winds: A Magazine of Student Essays
A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College


Letter from the Editors

As we prepared volume 26 of Delta Winds, we were mindful of just how remarkably collaborative it is to publish a magazine of this type. It seems that cooperation from all areas of the Delta College family play a part.

We have always had the support, financial and otherwise, of our division deans: Dr. Mary Ann Cox, Dr. Kathy Hart, Paul Kuehn, and currently, Joe Gonzales. Our faculty members have shown their support by encouraging students to submit essays for publication and by assigning Delta Winds as a supplementary reader. The campus library makes past copies available to students, and the campus bookstore sells current volumes. Tutoring centers make copies available to students, and the public information personnel distribute copies to various community leaders and members of the board of trustees.

Stan Rapada has generously allowed us to use his spectacular photographs for the covers of numerous Delta Winds volumes, and we have had the pleasure of working with remarkably talented people in the duplication center on campus. For the past several years, Susan Lovotti has been in charge of graphic design. She has spent numerous hours ensuring that color tints and print type meet her standards. As a result, Delta Winds has had the artistic quality of a professional publication. As of this year, Susan has moved on from Delta and is enjoying her retirement. We are extremely grateful to her for all she has contributed.

Of course, the main focus of Delta Winds, and for the college, is the students. Every semester, hard-working, creative students write and revise essays and submit them for publication in the magazine. In the current volume of Delta Winds, students pull readers into their sensitive world-a place where they observe life, and write honestly and openly about the situations they have experienced. As has been the case all along with this volume and volumes past, we believe this Delta Winds will leave a strong impression on you, the reader.