2009 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • Letter from the Editors
  • It Hurt Me To Be Beautiful
    I wore Laura Ashley type dresses with the huge flower prints and floor-length skirts topped off with a lovely pair of red-rimmed eyeglasses. I epitomized dorkdom.
  • Life With Henry
    I thought to myself, my fingers may not be long enough to play guitar, but his were certainly long enough to wrap around that bottle.
  • Mr. Reynolds' Opus
    Since my first day of class he had been a constant, stable, and jovial figure in my life, so I let my guard down and joined the choir.
  • My Magical Garden
    The jays are having a squabble in the barren lilac tree. Their noisy squawks drown out the other birds that are trying to sing. Be quiet, jays!
  • Television--The Breakthrough Invention
    The television is a gateway into worlds we may never see, a portal to endless journeys and struggles we may never experience.
  • The Illusion of Science
    Nelkin's thought-provoking essay maintains a fairly moderate and reasonable tone throughout, though a certain note of bitterness is detectable at times, particularly in her relating of the descriptions given to female scientists by the media.
  • The New Kid: The Karate Kid
    My hair closely cropped to my scalp gave my oversized ears ample room to meander freely on the sides of my head; they just loved the open space, frolicking in the breeze.
  • A Battle Worth Fighting: Gender Inequality
    However, throughout the history of America, the oppression that women have endured has had an adverse effect that puts boundaries on every aspect of humanity.
  • A Chain of Events
    "Just because the dog detected something with your car does not mean you are in trouble."
  • Before the Wall Came Tumbling Down
    Going through Check Point Charlie was no joke, but after that day, I started questioning if I would ever return or if I would be a charred silhouette in someone else's mind in the future.
  • Lighting My Candle
    The areas we traveled to included the Lower and Upper 9th Wards: the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina. Houses were still gutted, FEMA trailers were abandoned, and the foundations of where houses once stood were scattered in various lots.
  • The Porcelain Guardian
    I was touched and honored, but with the mention of the word china, my mind drifted back to the memory of the porcelain cat, which always held guard at the foot of the bed.
  • Awake in the Dream
    He was giving the words a new meaning. He was using them to provoke change. He was speaking to me with his mighty voice through the speakers.
  • Dancin' wit' My Momma
    The truck sounded like a death rattle, but who knew death could make someone feel excited to hear it come?