Fundraising for Your Club

A recognized student club may raise funds for the purposes related to the objectives of the club. Fundraising activities must be approved in advance by the organization's Club Advisor and the Director of Student Activities. 

To request approval, the organizations must submit an Event Request form (available through DeltaLink) at least one (1) week prior to the anticipated date of the fundraiser. 

Request Start-Up Cash

Club officers and advisors can request start-up cash from Cashiers office (cashiers office) in Horton Administration building room 102. To request start-up cash complete the Change Order Request form. The form must be submitted 24 hours in advance. The change disbursement must be received by Cashiers
Also, your club can request a Cash Advance under $100 through the Petty Cash Form to buy items needed to fundraise. Forms can be picked up from the Office of Student Activities in Shima 101C. 

The following types of fund-raising activities are permitted:

  1. Sales (e.g., candy sales, cookies, (varied)foods, arts, and crafts)- Must be pre-packaged 
  2. Services (e.g., car wash, sign making, projects)
  3. Entertainment (e.g., concerts, plays, movies, dance groups, mime troupes, bands, performers)
  4. Educational Activities (e.g., displays, films, speakers, classes, workshops)
  5. Contests (e.g., races, relays, sporting events, other competitions)
  6. Concessions (e.g., game room, booths at special events)
  7. Special Events (e.g., craft fairs, exhibits, auctions, swap days, carnival booths, trips, games)
  8. Contributions/Donations (e.g., donation collections, door prizes)
  9. Exhibits/Shows (e.g., fashion shows, art exhibits)
  10. Collection Drives (e.g., recycling aluminum)
  11. Advertising (e.g., programs, student publications)
  12. Activity Card Sales
  13. Dances
  14. Rentals/Commissions (e.g., copy machine for student use)
  15. Charity Drives (e.g., "walk-a-thon," collection drives)
  16. Silent Auctions
  17. Receiving gifts and donations

Depositing Funds

All funds collected by a student club/organization MUST BE deposited into the appropriate organization account within 24 hours (or next business day) of receipt to the Cashiers Office in the Horton Administration Building (this includes on campus and off-campus fundraising activities). Funds collected may not be deposited in checking or savings accounts at a bank or other financial institution.