Dr. BernNadette Best-Green

Associate Professor
BernNadette Best-Green
112 Budd Hall


TrAC: Social Science, Education, and Public Service
Discipline: Education

Dr. BernNadette Best-Green envisions U.S. schools, colleges, and universities as spaces that embrace and sustain our students’ diverse cultures and where our faculty and administrators reflect the ethnic and linguistic richness of our communities. This vision drives her passion for collaborating with others to organize activities that introduce and encourage Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) to pursue careers in K-12 education. As a college professor and teacher educator of aspiring and pre-service teachers, Dr. Best-Green is passionate about increasing equity and ensuring social justice for all students across the k-20 spectrum. This passion fuels Dr. Best-Green’s commitment to spearhead and support efforts that ameliorate educational practices that reliably reproduce widening disparities in the achievement of some Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) student subgroups and their highly-privileged peers.

Prior to joining the San Joaquin Delta College faculty in the Social Science, Education, and Public Service Division, Dr. BernNadette Best-Green worked as a teacher educator for five years by teaching graduate coursework to teacher credential and Master of Arts degree candidates within a university-based school of education that prepared preservice and novice teachers to advocate for equity for all students. Dr. Best-Green’s doctoral research helps to bridge the gap between theory and research involving classroom practice that improves language education for ethnolinguistically minoritized African American, Asian, and Latinx youths. Dr. Best-Green is also a published author of peer-reviewed education research, as well as a veteran K-12 educator (teacher, administrator, and program coordinator) and practitioner-researcher of culturally diverse students whose linguistic dexterity and plurality enables them to blend and alternate between the standard and nonstandard “Englishes” within their linguistic repertoires in creative, dynamic, and expansive ways.

Dr. Best-Green’s doctoral education at the University of California at Davis consisted of extensive and specialized preparation which included five years of service to the UCD School of Education (as the instructor of courses for undergraduate and graduate students and teacher credential candidates), a UCD three-year Teacher Educator-Scholar Fellowship, and a year-long UCD Professors For The Future (PFFT) Fellowship. She is also an alumna of the Los Rios Community College District’s Faculty Development Internship Program. Dr. Best-Green earned a B.A. in Sociology at UC Berkeley, an M.A. in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies at CSU Sacramento, and a Ph.D. in Education: Language, Literacy, & Culture at UC Davis. Dr. Best-Green also holds current teacher and school administrator credentials through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Dr. Best-Green is a proud resident of “America’s Most Diverse City: Stockton, CA” (US News & World Report, January 2020) where she resides with her husband and children and engages as an active community member. Through membership and affiliation with several local organizations, BernNadette engages in a variety of community service efforts that offer clothing and meals to homeless families and adults, and that provide mentorship, scholarships, and activities that promote higher education among youth and young adults from underrepresented backgrounds.

Academic Degrees:
  • Ph.D. in Education: Language, Literacy, & Culture - University of California at Davis
  • M.A. in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies - California State University, Sacramento
  • B.A. in Sociology - University of California at Berkeley
Professional Credentials:
  • Administrative Services Credential – California State University, Sacramento
  • Multiple Subjects Credential – California State University, East Bay
Courses Taught: 
  • Education 10 Introduction to Education
  • Education 12 Reading Tutoring Techniques
  • Education 13 Mathematics Tutoring Techniques
  • Education 14 Bilingualism in the Classroom
  • Education 15 Selected Topics: Education
  • Education 70 Paraprofessional Exam Preparation
  • Education 75 Selected Topics: Education
Social Science, Education and Public Services